About Us

water-for-africaWater is one of the keys to avoid poverty, reach global equality and human welfare, that’s why water is important. About 700 Million people worldwide lack of fresh water and sanitation, and we are here to reduce that number. People spend hours finding and collecting water for everyday needs, letting no time for social and commercial activities. This leads to slow social growth and low health percentage. We are here to make the difference, with help and water for those who deserve a better life.
Water 4 Africa is a young nonprofit global organization, our logo is based on an African symbol and its meaning represents faith and hope, which is in the end the message we want to transmit. As entrepreneurs we are, all we ask you is to reflect and make your best decision, the more we are more water will be for all.

The Founder, Gary Kaplan started Water 4 Africa to give everyone the much-deserved ability to have access to clean water!

Water Wells for Africa – Today is the Day by Water Wells for Africa