The solution is in our hands


Repairing broken wells

Africa has several wells but most of them are in deplorable conditions, due to lack of maintenance or spare parts. If those wells had better conditions and sanitation improvements many families would have access to clean fresh water.

Drilling new wells

In some African zones most of the fresh water remains underneath the surface. But drilling a well is not an easy or cheap task, not everyone has the strength to dig it or the economical capability to afford it. Drilling new wells in addition with the possibility of using new technologies for purification.


Education is were all starts

One of the most important (perhaps the most important) solutions to consider is education, because it’s were all starts, having good water values creates water conscience and new behaviors. Changing our lifestyles and the way we handle water as a nonrenewable resource.

Recycle wastewater

Recycling wastewater mitigates the use of clean water. Some countries like Singapore are already applying this alternative to become more self-sufficient. But this option is only possible for developed countries where infrastructure and economy are solid. That’s why people of all professions and good hearts are welcome in order to open new possibilities with brilliant ideas.


Irrigation on Agriculture

Agriculture is a worldwide practice and it requires lots of water, thousands of gallons are lost every day due to bad irrigation practices. Improving irrigation can help close supply and demand gaps.

Appropriately price water

Water pricing and rights go hand in hand in most of the countries, however, in Africa water is not affordable for everyone, becoming one of the many causes of water crisis in Africa.


Develop energy efficient desalination plants

One alternative is the use of solar-powered desalination plants. Using solar-powered systems avoids the use of large energy amounts becoming more environmental friendly and easy accessible for everyone. The cons about this technology is the capital for technological experimentation, leaving this alternative far away from most of the countries.

To achieve any of the above solutions we are not able to accomplish them by ourselves, it must be a mass solution, where consciousness and dedication is what really matters because if you are the first in take the step others might follow you.